What We Do

We Buy Apartment Buildings

  • We buy apartment buildings and apartment building complexes.
  • Every deal is different, every market is different, each property is analyzed individually.
  • We buy properties that cash flow.

We base our offers on what the property produces now, not at some future date based on future rent increases.  We recognize that sellers want to get as much as they can for their property.  Our offers are based on the property’s ability to produce an income, not on the lowest price.  In every transaction, both the seller and the buyer should be pleased with the deal.  We work on the premise of win/win transactions.

We also consider the needs of each seller, and as such we sometimes offer an equity position.  Under an equity position transaction, we would retain management of the property.  Please contact us for more information on this program.

Our Process

We analyze the financial data for the subject property
If the property meets our investment requirements, we will submit an LOI
Once we are in agreement with the seller via the LOI, we move to contract the property and close in a timely mannerOur due diligence period will be based on the number of units and other property detailsWe work in a professional and competent manner, and we move through the steps swiftly but thoroughly to ensure an uncomplicated transaction.

If you have special needs, such as a timely closing, please let us know from the start so we can take your needs into consideration.

Remember, we are not a real estate agency… we do not want to list your property for a commission or fee… we are buyers, and we want to buy your property.  If your property is listed with a broker, we’d be happy to work with the broker/agent. 

Our Criteria

  • Property must be located in the United States
  • Property must be operational
  • Property must be able to cash flow upon acquisition
  • We generally prefer class B or class C properties

We are not fixated on Cap rate like so many other investors.  Many buyers and sellers alike put quite a bit of weight on the capitalization rate (or Cap rate).  While the Cap rate is an important factor in determining the viability of the investment, it is not the only factor that we use to determine value.  Our criteria is based on a property’s ability to generate income, and there are times when a property can generate sufficient income to foster the purchase based on other factors, such as terms.  We work on the premise that everyone wins in the transaction.

How Do We Determine Value?

An apartment building is like a business and it is evaluated like a business.  Based on the income, expenses, local market, building class, desirability, and economic conditions, we calculate the value of the investment as a business.  We buy apartment buildings that make money, just as would be done for any business.  It is our practice to make a reasonable offer that will suit your needs as a seller.

Contact us to talk or inquire, or send us your property info and get started now.